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ANTI-FLASH spray, red electro-enamel spray. The ANTI-FLASH spray contains a red Alkyd Epoxy electro-enamel with incorporated mineral charges, which give it special properties of thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. It has high resistance to Class F temperature (155 ºC). The anti-flash spray is an anti-arc product and its main characteristic consists in protecting the winding of the electric motor against the sparks that may occur between the collector and the coil or between the collector and the metal casing of the motor. The viscosity of the ANTI-FLASH Spray allows filling and closing the voids between the winding threads. This varnish is easy to apply thanks to its spray presentation.Scope
For windings or surfaces that must be subjected to humidity or in dusty environments. It has been proven that a large number of short circuits are due to the presence of bodies that have penetrated inside the turns of the coils. A winding protected with ANTI-FLASH SPRAY, presents a bonded surface, where neither water nor dust have any chance to act. An engine that is treated with ANTI-FLASH SPRAY has greater safety and durability.

How to use
Clean the area to be protected of grease, oxides and paint residues. Shake the container vigorously and carry out some tests on cardboard. The distance for a perfect application is 25-30 cms. Apply in thin crisscross layers. After use, invert the container by operating the valve until it is empty of product.

Physical Characteristics

  • ​Brick red color
  • Density at 20ºC (grs / cm3) 1.2
  • Ford Cup No. 4 Viscosity at 20ºC (sec) 180 + -40
  • Fixed material (%) 65 + -5
  • Drying time on plate at 20ºC (min) 15
  • Film thickness (microns) 40
  • Resulting film Adherent, elastic and uniform
  • Thermal class F (155ºC)
  • Storage stability at 20ºC
  • Delivery form 400 ml container

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