Commanding and signaling devices

Commanding and signaling devices

Pushbuttons and indicator lights

Our pushbuttons and indicator lights feature maximum functionality and a modern design.

Two-hand operation consoles

Two-hand operation consoles are first choice wherever an operator's hands need to be confined to a certain position for safety reasons.

Cable-operated switches

Cable-operated switches are used wherever extensive areas such as conveyor belts or feed systems need to be kept under surveillance.

Foot switches

Foot switches are an ideal solution whenever operators need to have both hands free.

Signaling columns

Signaling columns are important optical aids for supervising complicated workflows on machines or automated processes.

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Product no.: 3SU1100-1HB20-1CG0

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New 3SU1802-0AB00-2AB1

Product no.: 3SU1802-0AB00-2AB1

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Product no.: 3SU1200-2PR10-1AA0

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EMERGENCY STOP mushroom pushbutton, illuminable

Product no.: 3SU1158-1HB20-1PT0

30.25 *

Potentiometer, compact, 22 mm

Product no.: 3SU1200-2PS10-1AA0

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