The SINAMICS G120D frequency inverter with IP65 degree of protection, as a decentralized variant of the well-known SINAMICS G120 series, enjoys its advantages as modularity and innovative safety functions (Safety Integrated), in addition to a particular exterior design and high degree of protection. Thanks to the large power range, up to 7.5 kW, it allows integrating drives in practically any transport and handling system without the need to use cabinets or cabinets to house them. The digital inputs and outputs incorporated in the drive allow simple direct wiring of sensors and actuators. The input signals can have a direct effect on the drive, triggering autonomous local reactions, or they can be transferred via PROFIBUS / PROFINET to the central control for processing at the complete system level.

SINAMICS G120D, summary of its strengths

With numerous innovative functions
Innovative energy recovery solution, integrable safety features (option) and same mounting footprint (hole dimensions) for all powers

Accelerated engineering, fast commissioning

Widespread use of connectors for power, communication and sensors, plus optimal MMC memory card for parameter storage.

Simple, cheap and integrated solutions thanks to Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), the fluid bridge between SINAMICS and the level of automation

SINAMICS G120D, technical data summary
Voltage range and AC power 380V - 3AC 500V + 10% -15% - 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW
Regulation types Control by U / F, FCC (flow-current regulation), vector regulation without the need for speed sensor, vector regulation with speed sensor (encoder)

SINAMICS G120D, typical fields of application

The SINAMICS G120D is suitable for speed variation, with or without regulation, of asynchronous motors in a wide range of industrial applications. There, the preferred area of ​​application is complex transport and maintenance systems such as those found in the automotive industry, with its numerous drives widely distributed throughout the plant. In addition to the automotive sector, this variator is ideal for applications in airports, in the food and beverage industry (dry area) and for single-rail conveyors (electrovias) in the distribution logistics area.