Power Monitoring

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Meesuring device Siemens SENTRON PAC 2200

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Meesuring device Siemens SENTRON PAC 2200 7KM2200-2EA40-1HA1

Product no.: 7KM2200-2EA40-1HA1
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Power Monitoring

Fully informed at all times thanks to intelligent measuring technology

The digital and analog measuring devices enable precise, reproducible and reliable measurement of energy values for the infeed, outgoing feeders or individual loads. They also supply important measured values for assessing the status of the plant and quality of the supply system. For further processing of the measurement data our devices come with a wide range of communication options for smoother integration in higher-level automation and power management systems. This considerably enhances transparency in low-voltage power distribution and electrical installations technology, thus enabling the identification of savings potentials and assuring availability of energy. Time and pulse counters enable timely maintenance of machinery.

Efficiency in power distribution thanks to optimally adapted software

The SENTRON switching, protection, and measuring devices ensure safety and cost effectiveness in power distribution. The devices are made even more efficient by means of software products for simple and fast configuration, reliable monitoring, or getting started in energy management – and they contribute in this way to cost savings and increased plant availability.